Because the June 12 Plenary Group discussion stressed the need for an integrated approach, we are revising and simplifying how you will be engaged.

Rather than breaking the ideas for recommendations into six separate groups that would meet independently many times, we will accomplish the work in three all-party meetings.

For the first hour of the July 30th meeting participants will break into groups to discuss the potential recommendations of most direct interest to them. The potential recommendations identified to date are attached and are viewable on the website.

For the rest of the meeting, all participants will have the opportunity to collectively hear and discuss all the potential recommendations from each group.  This will help to prevent the ideas from being siloed.

That means that everyone will see the current versions of ideas for recommendations.  As they are submitted or revised they will be posted on the website (

In between the three meetings July 30, August 20 and September 11, we will help facilitate off-line conversations among those who express interest in shaping details of particular recommendations.  The results will be brought back to the next at large meetings for closure.

The first of the three meetings will be on July 30 and 1-5 pm at the Library Galleria (9th and I St. in Sacramento).  A call-in number will be sent to folks who are unable to attend in person.

Some ideas may be refined into consensus recommendations in just one meeting, while others will be brought back for further discussion in future meetings. In that manner, we will work though all the ideas that have already been collected as well as those additional ideas you are to provide.


First, put these meetings on your calendar: 

  • July 30th from 1-5 pm at the Library Galleria, Sacramento.
  • August 20th  1-5 pm, location to be determined
  • September 11th 1-5 pm, location to be determined

Second, review the draft recommendations (attached) to understand the underlying thinking.   If any of them will have value as recommendations, it will only be as the result of your significant discussion and refinement.  Two days before each meeting, please check on the Portfolio Recommendations Group website by clicking on the 2 tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see if any have been added or revised.

Third, develop and submit your own ideas for recommendations through the form.

Fourth, participate in meetings that will discuss and refine ideas for recommendations.  If you have a conflict, find someone in your organization who can participate.

If you have questions please contact: