Plenary #2 – 7/30/19

Introduction On July 30th, 5 subgroups evaluated recommendations that were submitted with the below criteria as a guideline: Impacts CA with 100 years, but is actionable within the next 4-8 years Actionable by the Governor Creates climate resilience Solves problems differently/innovatively Specific not generic. Benefitted by a multi-perspective conversation Not something we are currently doing … Continue reading Plenary #2 – 7/30/19

First Meeting of the PRG–June 12, 2019

On June 12, 2019 over 50 people from water and irrigation districts, tribes, environmental justice, business groups, environmental organizations and representatives of the Newsom administration met at the Library Galleria. The meeting determined that there is critical mass and interest in participating in a facilitated process to make collaborative recommendations to the Water Resilience Portfolio.